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The Master Morya silver pendant

het Meester Morya sieraad

Solid 925 Sterling silver 

Height: around 22 mm 
Height incl. eye: 27 mm 
Width: 17 mm 
Thickness: around 1,7 mm 

Price: 76,90 euros (inclusive of taxes) 

The story of how the pendant and its symbolism came to be

At the end of the eighties Master Morya gave a very particular symbol to Geert and Lydia, which he often drew with Geert's hand. It's a combination of a heart, cross, dome and fountain. 

About this symbol, MM said: "At some time you could have this sign of the heart that I always draw at the end of our late night lessons made into a piece of jewelry, as a way of carrying the presence of My energy with you."

De allereerste hanger die Geert liet maken

Back then, Geert asked an old jeweler from Ghent to make one pendant with this symbol, which he then gave to his wife Lydia. Since then she has worn it almost all the time. Sometimes Master Morya would recommend she especially wear it while on a trip or at other times when she could use some extra support or protection. Master Morya also once said: "Some day many people will wear this."

The meaning of the pendant

Master Morya says:
"By wearing this symbol you make it clear to the Lords of the Hierarchy that you wish to cooperate with the 'divine plan of light' that exists for this Earth. 

Thereby your life receives a particular protection. You can also expect to receive small assignments through which you can give shape to the New Time. The forces of love, protection, inspiration and intuition will come to live with you and accelerate your evolution. You become a part of a greater whole and find a connection to an inner group of people to which you belong. " MM

The “Hierarchy” is a word used to designate all the Masters who live from love and light and who devote their entire existence to the guidance and development of the earth and humanity. As Master Morya says: “The Hierarchy will help you; I am not alone, there are hundreds of Us and We know what We are doing.” (Wisdom 3, chapter 8)

Note: Naturally, everyone committed to working for the New Age and who puts him- or herself at the service of the Divine, will enjoy the same protection and guidance, also without wearing this symbolic pendant. This piece of jewelry only serves as a support to your commitment, to clarify it for yourself and as a lasting reminder of it. By keeping  the different symbolic parts of this pendant in your thoughts, these can also have a beneficial influence on your mind, body and soul. 

Because of the deep meaning and the commitment involved in wearing this symbolic pendant, it is not meant to be given as a gift to others (unless, of course, they themselves have asked for it).



About the symbolism

Our readers will have certainly seen this symbol before, because, ever since the very first Morya book was published in 1995, it has been printed at the beginning of every chapter in each book. 

Through quiet contemplation, each one can learn to fathom out each part of the symbol more deeply over time. But here are a few indications to begin with: 

- the heart is symbolic of universal love, of peace that lightens the Earth, of joy that makes everything bearable. 

- the cross is, on the one hand, the connection of earth and heaven, of the human with the Divine and, on the other hand, the connection of the person with others around him or her, the heart-to-heart connection of one human being to another. It symbolizes the Human Being who has an eye for the life of creation and the living beings in their lives. 

- the dome symbolizes the divine protection that exists for every seeker. It's an energy that can make obstacles disappear, alleviate difficulties and heal wounds. 

- the fountain stands for light, pure light, and therefore the source of knowledge, wisdom, life, goodness and warmth. All those who discover the fountain - that wellspring which is within the heart and that at first only softly bubbles but with time may flow abundantly - can, with the light of this fountain, feed their own life and find joy, and afterwards cool others from the scorching challenges this Earth poses to people, and give warmth to those who have grown lonely or numb within themselves.

Het moedermodel van de zilveren hanger, in de handen van de juwelier

(in the hands of the jeweler)


Each pendant is cast for you by hand and finished and polished with love in an artisan workshop built on 30 years of tradition. Alesky, a passionate young goldsmith, enjoys working with his hands and transforming precious metals into elegant and original jewelry. 

Due to the handwork, each piece of jewelry may show subtle differences in shape or finish.

Solid 925 Sterling silver 
Height: around 22 mm 
Height incl. eye: 27 mm 
Width: 17 mm 
Thickness: around 1,7 mm 

Price: 76,90 euros (inclusive of taxes; necklace not included)


Zilveren hangers

Front and back side of the Pendant

Master Morya’s pendant is a way for people to make his presence tangible. His pendant is his energy and wearing it will connect you with Master Morya. Of course, even without it you can always connect with him by speaking out his name or thinking of him, but the pendant will physically remind you of him every time you see or feel it and so you will come to think of him more easily. The blessing and protection of Master Morya is there for all who wish it, with or without a pendant—that goes without saying!

If you choose to wear Master Morya’s silver pendant around your neck, you may want to know it was designed with a front and back side. And naturally it’s nicer if you wear it with the front side facing forward! You can tell by looking at the top, the eye is larger on the back side and almost flat on the front. When you wear the pendant as is intended, it stands a bit more on its own instead of hanging flat against your body, as you can see in the pictures below.

achterkant en voorkant


ondersteboven of niet

de zilveren MM hanger
Order the silver pendant

The Master Morya pendant

Silver pendant
Solid 925 Sterling silver 
(without necklace)
76,90 €

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