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Morya Wisdom 3: God lives in your heart

Geert Crevits
200 stron - miękka okładka
ISBN 978-90-75702-60-6
45 PLN 
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Morya Wisdom 3: God lives in your heart

"If a person sees that his life is inspirited, he will have a great security in life. The more inspirited a person is - the more he is touched by his soul and the more he is connected to his soul - the more assured he will feel in all kinds of circumstances. Whether this be in traveling, in investments or in any other possible facet of life; when the soul is present, he will feel what he can or cannot do. It is in this way that he will be able to find his own security. The misfortunes of life will have no more influence on him because when a person lives with his soul, he lives with joy and in infinity."

The laws of life are often unknown and obscure to most of us. In the 'Morya Wisdom' series, Master Morya explains a wide array of subjects in a clear, simple language. The spiritual insights he shares are enlightening and highly useful in daily life.

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Rozdziały z książki Morya Wisdom 3: God lives in your heart

  • 1 - A little life and a great life
  • 2 - The path of letting go
  • 3 - The kingdom of God
  • 4 - The infinite Self
  • 5 - Love never stops working
  • 6 - Living together with the Masters
  • 7 - Questions about Dying
  • 8 - The soul reveals a deep desire

Cytaty z książki Morya Wisdom 3: God lives in your heart

“When you begin to reflect and let go of things – let’s say, letting go of thoughts from the past and taking on new ones – this brings freshness to your mind. Try to experience this consciously. It’s something very subtle but very real. Each new idea you receive through inspiration, through an open-heartedness, through a being and a beingness that comes from the kingdom of God, will bring you a freshness and you can feel this. I’m not talking about the breeze wafting through this room. I’m talking about a freshness in your heart that you can feel.

When you are close to people, you’ll feel that you are able to let these people go when you trust your heart. You should be able to see this very distinctly. This is not about letting people go and leaving them to stand out in the cold, no, it has to do with the fact that you involve your heart and that you purify your heart.
The reason that the other cannot become himself or herself has very much to do with people’s thoughts and the interweaving of thoughts. When you are together with someone with your heart and you let go of your thoughts, then an enormous transformation can come into the life of this other person.”

“When looking at people, realize that they have a longing to develop, to flourish and to go forward. Even though they may often not be able to show it, this is the way it is. Many people are busy in the wrong way and then it is just like a flower that closes itself. Yet they think they are working in the right direction and this is not true. They are busy with the wrong values, with the wrong energies in their lives, which is why they close themselves, and they don’t realize it. They aren’t able to see this and if you would tell them they would certainly not accept it, because they can’t see it for themselves.

The only way they could see it is when you open yourself for love and for other values; then they will notice the difference. Then they will see what it is to live differently and only then will they begin to understand. You can do a lot more with energy than you can do with words and yet words can take on the energy from your heart, can carry it, process it and bring it over to another. That is why, firstly, this energy must be there, because otherwise the words will be hollow. There are very many hollow, useless words. This is sad because every word carries an energy. If that energy is useless it is still an energy, but it’s an energy that causes confusion. That’s why, oftentimes, it is better to remain silent than to speak.”
“When you have gotten to know everything – feelings as well as thoughts and intuition – you will be better able to make choices and better able to deal with your own life, with your fellow persons and with the circumstances in which you find yourself. If you want to become wise you will need to have contact with your heart and live from out of your heart. Then you will get to know much more and will take account of many more things. What you are able to sense with your feelings in a limited manner or what you can express in a limited manner when you think, you will be able to sense in a broader way when you live in your heart.

For the heart can feel everything, even the slightest thing that happens on this Earth. If the heart is developed it will come into contact with these levels because there are different pranas present in the heart that come from the different bodies and from the various lights in the universe. When a person refines his heart and dares to live with greater intuitions he will develop an ever-finer instrument that receives everything.”

© Geert Crevits

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Morya Wisdom 3: God lives in your heart

Morya Wisdom 3: God lives in your heart

Geert Crevits
200 stron - miękka okładka
ISBN 978-90-75702-60-6
45 PLN 

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