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Welcome to Mayil

Mayil Publishing House in Belgium has been publishing books by Master Morya since 1995. Most of our publications are in Dutch, but English translations are regularly being made available.

Discover our first four English books, pick an online card and get to know Master Morya's wisdom.

Mayil eNews - March 2024

Dearest eNews reader,
This month I chose an excerpt from one of the three new little books we are in the process of finishing for publication in Dutch. They are true little gems with very relevant messages in which Master Morya suggests that the best way of dealing with today’s turbulent times is to (...)

Meditation for the full moon of 25th March 2024:

Master Morya,

"When there are matters in their personal lives that people want to sort out, they usually make the mistake of immediately acting on them. This is because people often think categorically, that is to say, they want something and want it as soon as possible. But very many things in your personal lives are such that they will come to you and so there needs be a moment of reflection, of patience and of waiting. (...)

“What you are experiencing, reader, is exceptional. To be given so much spirituality to absorb as you have now, is rare in this world.”

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, translated quote from Morya Wisdom book 5


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Geert Crevits and Master Morya

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Among other things, read here how all of Mayil's books came about, how many are still in the pipeline, what the name 'Mayil' means and an overview of our history.

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“... that is the purpose of life: that you become increasingly conscious.”

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, translated from Morya Wisdom book 9 (The abundant life), sentence from one of the online Life Lessons