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Frequently asked questions

Each online advice is a quote from one of the ‘Morya Wisdom’ or ‘Morya Kracht’ books.
Your quote reveals something about you and your question. But what if you don’t understand what it says? Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions.

I don’t understand the answer

Usually the reason you will get an answer that doesn’t fit is because your question was wrong. Was your question the right question? Can you rephrase your question in a constructive, solution-oriented and self-referential way? If your question is only about others or tries to place blame or the solution outside of yourself, then you’ll get an answer that may run counter to your question.

On the other hand, the answer to your question might still be a good one, but not just to the question you had in mind. Sometimes it’s important for you to receive certain advice before you know you will need it. Save your answer carefully and read it over a few times in the first few days. With a little patience you may well gain beautiful new insights.

I think that not all the parts of the answer fit my question

This may be. Sometimes a single sentence of the online advice is enough to give you the needed advice. Nevertheless, it’s always worthwhile to read the rest of the text attentively because it may contain valuable tips for you and your situation.

I’m not happy with my answer

If you’re unhappy with your answer, read the text over again very carefully. There will certainly be sentences or words in it that you overlooked.
Master Morya’s advice is always loving, uplifting and caring. Don’t miss out on these inspiring words! Save the text and read it again slowly and carefully a few times.

Can I ask a question about or for someone else?

That doesn’t make much sense. It’s best to ask a question about and for yourself. A good question might be: “How can I best behave towards this person?” Or: “What should I pay attention to?” Or: “How can I mean something to this person?” “What could I do for this person?" And so forth...

What if I can’t solve my problem with one question? What if one question isn’t enough?

Feel free to ask several questions and consult lots of online advice. Take a piece of paper and write down the questions you would like to ask. Check to see if these questions are positively phrased, loving and self-referential.

If you asked one question and received an answer, review and read it carefully and save the answer before beginning with the next question.

At the end you can put all the questions and answers together again; in combination with each other they often become even more obvious. If necessary, you can ask one last time for a quote to get Master Morya’s advice on your situation without asking a particular question.

Master Morya, how does he speak to me?

Master Morya speaks without words in the depths of your heart. He guides you through your own intuition and makes you think of certain ideas when you need them. Set aside a few minutes each day to think of Master Morya, to ask for His protection, His light and His guidance. He will surely be with you during difficult times and at moments when you think of Him.

When you pick a card or read a bit of text from one of the books, it is never coincidental; Master Morya will lead you to the correct text.

It’s important to make an effort to follow his advice, even if it seems difficult; He will help you, but the first step must be yours!

Be brave, be light, make room in your heart for love and for joy. Your life will be blessed.


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