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Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life

Geert Crevits
Die zweite Auflage
192 Seiten - Taschenbuch 
ISBN 978-90-75702-23-1
14 EUR (45 PLN - 17 USD - 10.5 GBP)

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Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life

Master Morya says,
"If you have a goal in life, a very worthwhile goal, then every action, even the smallest, is saturated with this energy. So it is that a single action of one person may be great and profound, even symbolic, his or her action may even be of great importance for the world, whereas another person indulges in a thousand and one actions that have little or no importance at all because his or her goal has little or no power."

Morya Wisdom 1 is a book with so many interesting insights that you can take it up again and again. The more you read this book, the more you can extract from it and the more surprised you will be about the absolute wealth of information contained in its words. A real foundation, a must have for every spiritual seeker and also for everyone wanting to experience spirituality with relationships.

This first book discusses many important issues in a person’s life, such as: action and reflection, changes here on earth, the divine hierarchy in your life, solitude and relationships in Western society, the power in yourself, powers in society, love and sexuality (this is the only book in which Master Morya talks about sexuality), love and consciousness, power and form, the way of loving, the Master’s intention. 

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Kapitel in Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life

  • 1 - Action and reflection 
  • 2 - Changes here on Earth 
  • 3 - The divine Hierarchy in your life 
  • 4 - Solitude and relationships in Western society
  • 5 - Power in yourself
  • 6 - Powers in society
  • 7 - The Master and the power
  • 8 - Love and sexuality (1)
  • 9 - About love and sexuality (2)
  • 9b - Some more questions 
  • 10 - More about love
  • 11 - Love and consciousness
  • 12 - Power and form
  • 13 - The way of loving
  • 14 - The Master’s intention

Einige Zitate aus Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life

A reaction is not an action

“Actions are born out of a state of balance. When you are out of balance there can be no action. Then there is only a certain reaction but that is not a real action. An action can only take place when you are well balanced, when you are quiet, when you are reflecting on things, when you are in harmony with yourself. Then you are truly acting; you are carrying out a conscious deed.

Many people may well be living and yet they never really act. They are not really giving their attention to what they are doing. They live automatically and they react to things, but this is not real action.
So you can see that there are various elements in you that clash with each other and so create chaos. The result is that you react to this and that but you never take a real action.”

Reflect upon your goal

“Take the time to look at yourself and your life’s goal. If you can perceive this goal, you will realize that taking actions, taking conscious actions that serve your goal, becomes easier and easier. For this you need a clear mind. You have to think, but your thoughts should be in relation to your goal.

First, think carefully about what it is that you really want to do with your life. By doing this, certain ideas about your life will become clear in your mind. One idea is different from the other and in this sense, what you think is important. Nevertheless, in the end, the action always remains the most important thing. By acting you express the idea and you create your own reality.”
Action taken from inner power brings joy

“Every power you know and every power you love is a power that vibrates through you and that brings you to where you should be; every power, and by this I mean – for I often use this word – what you feel inside yourself as something that allows you to act. A power is something that is within you and it is something you can use. It is what entices you to action and what drives you to new horizons or, you could also say, new actions. And once you begin so acting you will suddenly realize that it gives you more joy – because acting from an inner power brings joy. If you are able to see the power concealed in each action, then you can already see the joy.”
Becoming psychologically healthy

“There is another power, a psychological power, you could call it a psychic health power, at work in every individual. This is a power that bears within itself and brings forth a unity. If you can see this you will discover that one person’s psyche is not the same as another’s.

There are people that live in a state of disunity and are unable to find the oneness in themselves. These people have less psychological power than those who have found this unity. So you must try to find one specific, central, grand idea in your life and arrange all the other ideas around it. There should be within you a kind of centre of energy, a psychological, psychic centre where you can feel and touch the depth of life. When this happens, when this great goal of which I spoke earlier is present, when you have this great goal within your sight, then it is easier to find your equilibrium.”
Love at first sight

“And here is where I began, saying that love means that you must be able to see the other. This doesn’t mean that the light need be on. No, but you should be inwardly present with the other, so to speak. You should be able to see the other, in other words to notice the other, let him be himself, ask who he is, study him, observe and keep your attention on him for a long time. So love at first sight is almost impossible, I would say, because though it may well involve a 'being in love', but love, on the other hand, calls for an enormous amount of knowledge. Love calls for an intuition which may be instantaneous, but that also invites you to go further with the other. Love has patience, love knows where to go, love carries a knowledge and love is brought out by the other. If there were no other, love would not exist.”
The Age of Aquarius

“You will notice women becoming more woman and in different ways and men will become more man in different ways. The Age of Aquarius is causing the relationship between people, between men and women, to change, to become more defined and much more harmonious too. The polarities will come to a greater expression and therefore harmony will increase. As a consequence love will be different. It will bear and reveal new energies and will create a new understanding of what it is for example to be together as men and women. Much more will be possible than before. This being together will enable the polarities that are present to make a greater impression upon others, causing much more to happen in life and causing life to go at a much faster pace.”
Learn to live with the Divine

“When you understand yourself, you will find that you understand more about people and that you must let them go, let them be themselves whatever their miseries may be, but know that you can let your own life be an example for them of how it can be. And that is a greater good, a much greater good. You will continually experience that when you are loving to others you must, first of all, allow love to express itself in your own being. From within you should learn to live with what love is, learn to live with the infinite, with the Divine in your own life.

If you can learn to live from the Divine you will easily be able to understand thoroughly the polarities and even to transcend them. For you shall experience this energy that reveals itself and brings the light that is necessary for life. For in love is a light of life which you cannot know if you stand outside it. Very peculiar, but that’s how it is. Without love you don’t know what life is.”
How can I save energy?

“Truly, this is the whole endeavour of all mankind. All inventions have to do with saving time: computers, jet planes, radios, telephones. Everything involves making it clear to man what time is, how he can deal with his energy and how everything can always be done more quickly and simply. So it is that really all inventions have to do with love. “How can I save energy?” “How can I deal with energy and how can I do it in the simplest and most powerful way?” This is the way you should deal with your own work. There is in you a kind of constant urge to go further, to live more clearly and also to involve the ‘how’ in your existence so that you clearly see, “Look, this is possible but this isn’t.” If something causes you to lose too much time, drop it. Don’t say “Oh, but it’s kind of interesting”. No, just let it go and do something you like, something which you can do in a very short amount of time.”

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Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life
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Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life

Geert Crevits
Die zweite Auflage
192 Seiten - Taschenbuch 
ISBN 978-90-75702-23-1
14 EUR (45 PLN - 17 USD - 10.5 GBP )