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Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity

Geert Crevits
216 Seiten - Taschenbuch 
ISBN 978-90-75702-50-7
14 EUR (45 PLN - 17 USD - 10.5 GBP)

Dieses Buch wurde übersetzt von "Morya Wijsheid 2: De weg van eenvoud"

Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity

"Everything on this Earth gives the impression of being transitory, and yet there is always a fundamental and enduring activity taking place and this is what you should try to find and to experience. Once you experience this, you will be a happy person and will understand, through the great spectacle of life, what it is all about. You will understand the deeper meaning of life, something that will never leave you, something that will follow you from life to life in an evolution of blossoming and beauty and majesty."

In the 'Morya Wisdom' series, Master Morya talks with great clarity about all subjects that concern all those who seek to lead a meaningful and joyous life. He explains how we can understand the world and deal with the situations that arise in our daily lives.

Morya's second book deals with how to ask questions, the process of thoughts and ideas, the speed of life, infinity, initiation, when to help others, the will, the Earth and the body, addiction, the fiery world of the heart, meditation, emotions and feelings, simplicity, joy, and much much more. A compelling read! 

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Kapitel in Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity

  • 1 – Asking questions in a changing world
  • 2 – Opening yourself  to the inner world 
  • 3 – Getting a grip on life 
  • 4 – Another future
  • 5 – Side by side with the Master
  • 6 – How do I take my life in hand? 
  • 7 – The Earth: body and third eye
  • 8 – The world of the heart 
  • 9 – A task in your life
  • 10 – “Who am I?”
  • 11 – The sun’s energy within matter 
  • 12 – A manual for turning your heart into a treasure house
  • 13 – The end of the path
  • 14 – You and the others

Excerpts from Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity

Answers come by themselves

“Each question you ask yourself should be asked in all honesty. Try to make sure you live in a way that enables you to deal with each question, to dare to live with each question, to look at yourself from all perspectives and then to try to do something with what you find.

Ask a question honestly to yourself, think about this question and also about the answer. Because questions can be asked and answers often come by themselves, but you must reflect on the answer and this is usually what doesn’t happen.

A person will ask a question and receives the answer but then finds the answer to be so ordinary he doesn’t pay it any attention. When you ask a question it’s important to pay attention to the answer because often there will be something in this answer you don’t see and which could be of great asset to you.

Life is such that it bears many answers in itself and that answers will always be provided.

The real question comes almost unexpectedly

The question is whether you are able of asking the right question. The right question is perhaps much more important than the answer. Take a moment here to think about what questions you could ask of life.

Life is exciting, it’s like a river always flowing from here to there and carrying many things in its powerful flow. It brings many things and also carries off many things, takes them away. This great stream of things that comes and goes bears within itself something you could call answers for the one who lives and watches and dares to ask questions.

Questions should come to you in a flash, they shouldn’t be given a great deal of thought. The real question comes to you at a moment when you are busy with something, almost unexpectedly.

Kinds of questions

The wrong kinds of questions are those to which you actually already know the answer. “I’ll ask this but actually I know the answer,” is a wrong question and it keeps a person busy because he loses himself in details. He sees certain minor details in his life and consequently he loses sight of the major factors.

A real question is: asking for help. A real question makes things open in you, it creates space within yourself. This is then a real question and it makes it possible for a real answer to come to you. A false question is when you close yourself, when you already know the answer and ask the question anyway, just so you can get the answer from someone else. This is not a correct question. A real question is opening yourself and then waiting for the answer. It can be about anything, but it opens you to such an extent that it enables you to live. A real question opens you for life and for so many things that then become possible in your own life.”

Handling the fire

“Just then, when I jokingly said you should become a thief of all possible kinds of beauty, I also meant to say: if you do this you will also be handling fire, learning about the fire, because you’ll be able to feel the warmth. When just then you felt it, when you felt the laughter in you, then know it comes from that. The more treasures you place in your heart, the greater your laughter will be in life and the more fire there will be within you.

Doing this will essentially change you; your life will change. You’ll find yourself becoming much freer with people, just because of this one little trinket you’re ‘stealing’ from them, and also because you’re allowing them to ‘steal’ from you too – for this you should also do. People ask a lot from you and this can be bothersome; but if you allow them to ‘steal’ from you then they won’t be bothersome, because then this is something you can also do. In this way you must take your freedom.

How can I deal with the world?

By doing things and looking at things in your own way, by doing things about which others have no knowledge, you are forging a freedom for yourself. You are also letting others be free because you are doing things they know nothing about. They are not aware of how you exist and that all your actions are taken very consciously. This is then your own path, your own thoughts, your own world of thoughts, the world in which you live. You are given a new life in this way and reveal to the world ‘who you are.’ You should ‘grasp hold’ of something everywhere you go and place it in your heart and live with it. Then you can talk about it in your own original manner, talk about what is living within you and this makes all the difference. It will then really begin to live in you and you will be able to vividly recall where you’ve been and who you’ve met there. Because you will have gone there with a purpose: you will have gone there to ‘steal’ something, to capture something. In this way you learn to deal with the world.

The point is for you to choose

Keep your eyes and ears wide open wherever you go; all your senses should be on alert; open them as if they were channel gates and keep grasping a little something. Only one little thing, not everything, because the point is not that you should take in everything. The point is for you to choose.”

© Geert Crevits

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Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity
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Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity

Geert Crevits
216 Seiten - Taschenbuch 
ISBN 978-90-75702-50-7
14 EUR (45 PLN - 17 USD - 10.5 GBP)