Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself

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Wisdom 4

Morya Wisdom 4:
Trust in yourself

Geert Crevits

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"If you want to bring a change into your life, it will never be easy. What is then the purpose? The purpose is that you make progress, that you come close to yourself and do things that are important for you. You must be able to concentrate on yourself and look at yourself. You must live and dare to live from the depth of your own heart, of your own desires.

If you think, “I know myself,” but do nothing coming from out of your own self, then you are mistaken. Then you don’t know who you are, and this is always the case: People too often think they know themselves. But when it comes down to it, they don’t really know who they are, don’t know where they stand and don’t know what they are doing."

Master Morya sheds light on all kinds of subjects, spiritual and mondaine, in a wonderfully natural and practical way, enlightening your mind and warming your heart as you read.

Read some excerpts below, and a list of all chapters and titles in the book.

Extracts from Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself

MMVery many people appear self-assured on the outside but are not so confident on the inside and are very unsure of where they stand in life. They may be fantastically rich and healthy, they may be as beautiful or handsome as can be, but inside they are being torn apart by a nagging doubt which keeps them from knowing how to go on.

An end to uncertainty

Don’t let doubt wear you down. Instead of ignoring it, give it your attention. Look at it straight on from all sides, dare to really see this doubt. If you ignore your doubt you will be giving yourself a false sense of security, which is not the intention. You must find a real security and it is the doubt that will bring you to it. If you keep doubting about the deepness of your life, then you should look at the general thread of your being. Look at what you are actually doing and what is really important. Once you arrive at the real values, you can put an end to uncertainty, but not before. You must look at all aspects of your life and also at the lives of others.

MMWhen you pray you must have faith and with that faith you can progress. You must not be in a hurry. You should never be hurried. If you want to achieve something in your life you must do things in accordance with time. You need patience; you should advance slowly so you can reach the deepness. If you are impatient to understand these things then you won’t ever understand them. You need to go slowly. You need to assimilate things, to ponder over them, listen to them a second time, observe, examine them from all sides and so forth. You should follow these things carefully in order to progress. If a seed could grow into a tree within a couple of seconds then your thoughts could also become a reality in a matter of seconds, but this is impossible.

MMShould you continue with this exercise for some months and years you would eventually find you have nothing left to think about, you would experience a freedom in regard to your thinking and discover you can live without thoughts and that this saves you a whole lot of time. For a great deal of energy goes into thinking, which, more often than not, is useless.

People can get so lost in their thoughts that they never find their way out, which is a reason they feel so fatigued. Because, though the mind is constantly active, the effect these thoughts produce is often warped, distorted and tedious. Thinking can be tedious for you and for others. It can be the reason for your irksome attitude and the reason things don’t seem to go well in your life, as if everything is always going against you, giving you the feeling that life is always a struggle. The mind is responsible for very many of the things that go wrong on this Earth and it should be able to attain stillness and peace. This exercise can help you to find this stillness and peace, and you might find it very quickly or it could take you a long time, because some people have very tenacious minds.

The mind is like the moon

One’s thinking nearly never calms down and yet this is vital. It should attain a state in which it becomes like the moon, that within itself it resembles the moon: without major variations, without atmosphere, without whatever else, only reflecting the glow of the most High. The mind is capable of this; within itself it can bear the power of the sun, it can bear the power of the intuition, the power of the soul. But for this it must be calm and silent, like the moon (...)

MMYou should be able to look at people - at what they’re doing and saying - and be at peace with that, while still taking note of the differences. This will show you the point of tension in existence. Every element in this life, each element of existence - a plant, an animal, a being, a person, everything - has an own energy, its own course of life and own endeavours. Life has a very great purpose and a person can learn to understand this purpose in his own life. To the extent he understands his own goal, he will notice that it differs from the other’s goal.

You must not want to achieve peace by striving towards the same goal, but by paying attention to the points of difference and accepting these points and investigating them. When you look at people, try to bring together their different elements and different visions. Whatever differences there are should be clearly understandable to everyone involved. Then you should be able to talk to each other by bringing the points of differences to the fore and saying, “This is what I am busy with, with what are you busy?” Then, when you let the other express him­self and be himself, you will have a better understanding of their viewpoint. This calls for a big effort on your part, because you must learn to empathize.

(...) Peace never just happens. It has to be searched for; it has to be worked out. If you want to come to an agreement, to create harmony, then you must be able to see the points of difference and to accept them.

MMOne important thing in life is that you must dare to come up for yourself, dare to be yourself, dare to value yourself. In other words, learn to trust your self.

Coming from God and returning to God

That you can trust your self is a very important fact you should realize. The self is something truly wonderful, it is a divine manifestation on this Earth. You must see yourself as coming from God and returning to God. Once you can gain sight of this great journey in your own existence, you will understand that others can also be engaged in this, even if they don’t express it with the same words as you. An enormous movement is inherent in this journey, in the whole of humankind, in the entirety of existence, in your own life. You should realize this despite the fact you are busy with banalities in your everyday life. You should be able to see the major thread of existence, to pose the very great question about the reason, the point of existence.

© Geert Crevits


Chapters and titles in this book:

1 - Transcending your doubts

Paying attention to your doubt
How can I gain trust in life?
Getting a new life
Can I get along with people? Can I be myself?
The West is experiencing a tremendous pace of expansion
Staying calm under all circumstances
How do you view the world?
See the whole environment and you will enter into the vibration
The key to the awakening of the soul
Transcending the doubt
Why am I on this Earth?
Where can I find the real answers?
The disappointments of life
The real solution
Life is a changing landscape
Try to achieve peace in your life
How can I have trust in myself?
Sometimes it’s more difficult to rest than to work
When you’ve accumulated enough around you
Pain and loneliness along the way
The Path of Light
Don’t reproach yourself
Many people appear to be self-assured
An end to uncertainty
Change comes anyway
How should I take important decisions?
Changing jobs
Living with the Divine
Realizing the importance of your own life
A question of faith
The mind is capable of change

2 - Prayer

Wonderment will take you forward
Life is open on all sides
Breaking through the structures of the mind
A formula for openness
Trees take time to grow
When you ask for love
The reason for prayer
Dismantling the mind
Death is only a step
An ocean of tenderness in your life
People are by nature protected
With prayer it goes faster
I’ll just stay a while longer here in my cozy little nook

A preliminary exercise: Taking your thoughts to your heart
The purpose of the exercise
It acts as a source of inspiration
Learning to live without thoughts
The mind is like the moon
Your heart is the sun in your life
The mind is nourished by the heart
The heart gives words their deeper meaning
Life has order within itself
New words will come into being
Great developments within the mental sphere
Twenty years from now
Learning to discriminate between what is true and not true

A second exercise: Training the mind to handle light and vision

3 - Making peace

Be in peace with yourself
Making your way through problems and obstacles
Peace is not a process you can go forward with on
your own
The stillness within you opens itself for peace
Seek peace, but not at your own cost
Looking at differences
A practical, sober-minded approach
Existence is like a glittering star of light

4 - A question of feelings

Question: Should we be involved with our feelings or not?
Learning to deal with your feelings and bringing them to rest
Feelings can direct your desires
Don’t become a victim of your emotions
Fear is an emotion

5 - A question: “What is meditation?”

Meditation is smoothing out a part of the path
It’s a slow road
Meditating in the correct way
Meditation is as spacious as the worlds
Life itself should become a meditation
From the contact with God comes understanding
God bestows His Presence on those who long for it
Silence is very important
A permanent peace on this Earth
You must channel your meditation to life and not the other way around
Born anew in God

6 - The will to be loving

Question: What is the meaning of the sentence, ‘The will to be loving and the mind doesn’t follow along’ ?
Without the will, love is impossible
Personal - impersonal
The purpose of love is to bring happiness
The big battle in a person
Going around in circles
The will of God leads the way
Look at those on this Earth who are truly loving

7 - The others and me

Question: Observing others in a contemplative manner seems very difficult to me. How can I learn to do this?
See the beautiful as well as the ugly
Judging but not condemning
Whatever your judgements may be
Looking at the deepness and understanding the superficial concepts
Whoever your fellow persons may be you can help them to find what is good
Constructive work
The Earth’s energy is not always the same
Cooperation between people and angels
Some beings pretend to be angels - the mirror spheres
Affection - with measure
Coming from God and returning to God
Once it wasn’t here on Earth… and now it is
Search for values in life
The Earth is like a mother
The Mother’s care
A new age with groups and organizations
The Master will bestow His blessing

8 - The right attitude to life

Carrying on with what you have begun
From the depth of your own heart
Do I know myself?
Knowing the joy of achievement
Go forward
The pleasure of working
Don’t think too much
Time - use it as you like
Doing something fine that takes you forward
Observe yourself and others
Try to realize you are never alone
Creating space within yourself
“It is good, my child”
In the beginning it can be a long and sometimes lonely journey
You can’t imagine what your innermost being is like
The person-soul relationship
The inner relationship
What do you mean by ‘self’?

9 - You can realize yourself

The Master will be with you
You, too, have significance for others
Offering the sacrifice of love
Learning to understand the meaning of growth
You can be involved in a wrong sort of work
You are love
Finding the strength to renew yourself
Have you already discovered love?
What is love?
First of all be loving with yourself
If you find God is too abstract
You can’t shut out your fellow beings
Meeting the right people
Living more profoundly on this Earth
You discover the reality, whereas otherwise you live in a dream
A body of light
A short meditation
Look at your meditation
Your dreams will change
Your mind will be enlighted by the experience
The battle to attain inner stillness
In this way your mind develops
Forging a language
You need to have faith
Patience is essential
You can realize yourself
The birth within yourself
Life and meditation go together
God gives with tenderness
Whatever you ask for, you will receive
In the way God wants for you
Otherwise it might take you twenty lives
The desire to experience God
Nothing is impossible for God
Three crucial factors: patience, soberness and joy
It has been said, it has been said
Don’t go to work like a student trying to memorize everything

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Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself
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