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The words and ideas given by Master Morya are filled with a remarkably dynamic energy. As you read his words, Master Morya is actively engaged with you and your life. 

On this page you can read about all the books and other publications available in Dutch and other languages, and also look to see what you can one day expect to find in English!  For information about currently available English publications, please go here.

Wisdom 1 in EnglishWisdom 2 in EnglishMorya Wisdom 3Morya Wisdom 4

Origin of the 'big books'

From 1994 onwards, Master Morya gave ‘courses’.  In Belgium these were known as courses to gain ‘a deeper sense of life’.  In each course Master Morya spoke telepathically, through Geert, for three afternoon sessions, to small groups of people. He elaborated on a wide variety of subjects, always closely connected to the lives of those persons who were present. All these courses will eventually be published as books.

The books were born in Dutch. There were 42 courses in total and, so far, about 12 have been published and printed. The first four of this series have also been published in English.

"Morya Wisdom" series

Although a series, each book can be read on its own, as each one is a separate unit. Master Morya treats a wide variety of subjects in his books, with clear explanations, deep insights and wisdom.

In his books Master Morya covers many important issues people encounter in their lives.  He discusses the heart, the soul, emotions, the mind, life, God and His/Her powers within you and around you. He talks about love in all its forms, powers in western society, changes in the world, the correct attitude in life, your task in life, children and spirituality, concentration, meditation, prayer, death, service mindedness, doubts, the power of words, the power of silence….and so on.  You can find several examples of what Master Morya has to say in his books under "What does MM say...?"

Master Morya’s texts are profound and marked by their multilayeredness.  Every time you re-read a passage or one of the books you can discover new things in it that you hadn’t noticed before. Each book has so many levels that everyone can find and derive something from them, time and time again.

These are the 9 books of the Morya Wisdom series in Dutch:

Wijsheid 1Wijsheid 2Wijsheid 3

Wijsheid 4Wijsheid 5Wijsheid 6

Wijsheid 7Wijsheid 8Wijsheid 9

"Morya Energy" series

Following the nine ‘Morya Wisdom’ books, we began with a new series titled, ‘Morya Energy’.  No books from this latest series have yet been published in English. 

Kracht 1Kracht 2Kracht 3


Little books: "Morya Precious" series

The ‘Morya Precious’ (Morya Bezinning) series comprises smaller books composed of many shorter texts, put together per subject.  These texts are taken from the general messages that were given at the public meetings to which people came to receive their own personal messages. It is these ‘general messages’ that have been collected in little, precious books, perfect for people with questions or spiritual people with busy lives and a limited amount of spare time.  As yet, these little books are only available in Dutch.

BezinningMorya BezinningMorya BezinningMorya BezinningMorya BezinningMorya BezinningMorya BezinningMorya BezinningMorya Bezinning

Morya Wisdom Workbook

WorkbookAt first reading, Master Morya’s books may sometimes seem complex and theoretical, even though this isn’t at all the case.  The workbook teaches you to search for examples in your own life that illustrate what Master Morya describes. As a result, you learn to look at things differently and gain the means to live more consciously and experience more joy within yourself.

“The real life is interwoven with the daily experiences and the reality around you. Within this reality lies the key to bring about the awakening of the soul in your own heart. So it is the reality around you that will teach it to you, but it is within you that it happens.”

This book is available in Dutch. The first half was published in Polish too.

Morya cards

Master Morya says that He is always with us and can give us guidance and answers if we ask Him a question from out of our hearts. The Morya cards can help you in this. You could, if you’d like, get close to the same results by randomly opening one of His books, but the Morya cards are most suitable for asking questions.

Three sets available in Dutch, and so far one in Polish.
We have plans for making a card app in several languages!



Spiritual Journal

Spiritual JournalMaster Morya often indicates that it is good to note down our inner experiences, dreams, meditations, poetry, etc. This Spiritual Journal is an invitation to ensure that the inner treasures you are collecting will not get lost in time.

In full color, it has a motivational introduction (what should I write, how and why?), room for creativity and an inspiring quote from Master Morya on every ruled page.

Currently only available in Dutch.

Morya cds

Every one of Master Morya’s books were originally telepathically transmitted to and spoken by Geert Crevits (see video). Some passages from recent courses have been published as audio cds for the Dutch-speaking public.

Available only in Dutch


In English

To read about the current English publications, please go here.

Wisdom 1 in EnglishWisdom 2 in EnglishMorya Wisdom 3Morya Wisdom 4